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These words of St. Paul to the Christian community at Corinth are only but befitting to express my heart’s deepest sentiments, as I pen these few lines. From the narrow verandah of this ancient convent to the artistically built new wing.St. Francis School has been a labour of love of my..
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St. Francis Convent School is a branch of the Institute of the Franciscan Clarist Sisters of the Most Blessed Sacrament. The Institute, a religious society was founded by venerable Mother Seraphina, a great educationist, in Italy. The aim of the society is to educate the youth and care for the destitute.
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Francis of Assisi was born in Assisi in a merchant family. His wealth and love of life made the leader of Assisi’s youth and filled him with dreams of grandeur. In the internecine feuding between Assisi and Perugia, he enlisted and entered the battle, but was imprisoned when the troops returned...
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