Head Boy's Message
Head Boy's Message 2018-19

As a leader, under my leadership. I would not like others just to follow but rather I would like them also to develop the leading qualities because- “ True leaders don’t create just followers. Rather they create more leaders.”

And following the above maximum my efforts would be towards the transformation of my own self as well as my fellow beings on the path of virtues.

I, as the Head Boy of St. Francis Convent School, humbly express my gratitude to Rev. Sr. Principal respected sisters, respected teachers and to all my friends for trusting me and seeking the capability in me to serve this school with my sincere devotion, determination and hard work.

I earnestly thank the Almighty for giving me such a beautiful life and an opportunity to prove myself. I pray to Him to keep showering His blessings upon me forever. May God bless us all !

With best wishes
Vedanshu Agarwal
(Head Boy)
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